Oppo reportedly developing own chips for flagship phones

Oppo developing own chips for flagship phones
Mairaj Ahmed
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 Oppo is developing its own high-end chips for flagship mobile phones, per a report in Nikkei. 2 people that spoke to the newspaper aforementioned that the set up was to unharness custom SoCs in 2023 or 2024 “depending on the speed of development.” Oppo reportedly needs to use TSMC’s advanced 3nm method technology for the chips.

If plans come back to pass, Oppo would be the most recent major smartphone manufacturer to require management of its own SoC design. Yesterday Google launched the constituent vi and 6 Pro, its initial phones with a custom SoC known as Tensor. Apple and Samsung conjointly style their own smartphone chips, as did Huawei before United States sanctions decimated its mobile business.

Oppo presently uses chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek, like all different Chinese smartphone vendors since the crushing on Huawei. Xiaomi designed and free a low-end SoC known as the Surge S1 for its budget Mi 5C phone in 2017, however since then its chip design efforts are restricted to secondary parts like image signal processors.

As Qualcomm arranged  clean in a very salty Google subtweet last week, it'd stand to lose out if major firms like Oppo were to require on SoC style themselves. Oppo is that the fourth largest smartphone maker within the world by shipments, per IDC, and given it shares a offer chain and possession with Vivo, Realme and OnePlus, Oppo-developed chips might quickly realize their means into phones from multiple brands.

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