Friday the 13th developer IllFonic is working on a Ghostbusters game

Mairaj Ahmed
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As spotted by PCGamesN, an interview with voice/ tunesmith/ record surety Raphael Saadiq in a recent thing of the Questlove Supreme podcast is the unapt source of a leak about an proximate Ghostbusters videogame. 

 Saadiq, in addition to his solo career, being a member of Tony! Toni! Toné!, and producing songs for everyone from Snoop Dogg to the Bee Gees,co-founded the videogame yard IllFonic with mastermind Charles Brungardt. Though the podcast focuses on music, one hour and 20 seconds in, responding to a question about his games, Saadiq mentions the yard is" working on Ghostbusters right now."

 Given that Ghostbusters Afterlife, a result to the original screen, is due out on November 19, a new videogame would be timely. And IllFonic, having anteriorly developed two games rested on screen — Friday the 13th and Predator Hunting Grounds — would be well- placed to make it. There is been no sanctioned posting yet, notwithstanding. 

 IllFonic has specialized in multiplayer games so far. Its terminating, pound shooter Arcadegeddon, is in Early Access on the Epic Games Store. 

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