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Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-gnawing blend of RPG and traditional Fighting. This game allows you to furnish your personality with endless Power Full interesting and intriguing covering sets, and highlights many exact vivified Martial Arts procedures! Squash your foes, embarrass evil presence managers, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows. Do you have the stuff to kick, punch, hop, and slice your direction to triumph? There's just a single method for discovering.

You are the shadow

In Shadow Fight 2, you will change into an invulnerable samurai fighter, who ventures to the far corners of the planet searching for his rival. The triumph makes him self-important and abuses the severe law of the samurai that is breaking the mark of Gate of Shadows. That is the place where the most risky adversaries of the world are detained.

That error made him endure the fallouts. The entire universe of obscurity has been freed, the strong enchantment from Gate Of Shadows draws in his appearance, leaving him with just the shadow. He understands that something wrong and could hurt the world, he made plans to practice and fight to put the insidious spirits down once more.


Shadow Fight 2 has a gameplay like conventional RPGs like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. In it, your errand is to partake in the fights 1vs1 enmity, utilize the control keys to move, assault and keep away from assaults from the adversary. Interestingly, you need to join the keys to make abilities and combo persistently.

Shadow Fight 2 is likewise partitioned into a few levels with various trouble levels from easy to incredibly troublesome. The primary stage is chiefly for you to find out more about the controls, so you will rapidly pass with practically no hindrance. The following stages will have expanded trouble, you should adjust and take the right move or have chance in a matter of seconds.

Game Modes

This game is straightforward and not has many capacities, yet it isn't so much for rushed individuals. You want to have specific tolerance to vanquish the whole Shadow Fight 2. The game generally keeps its allure while continually adding new effects and new regions to investigate.


Nekki's select innovation has made an extremely overall quite amicable 2D game. Rather than featuring the subject behind the scenes, this game features the foundation while the subject is totally dark. It is justifiable on the grounds that the storyline of the game has clarified this as of now.


-New Battle Pass. Compete daily tasks, earn points in the event raid and get rewards!
-New boss. Be sure to fight him before the end of the event!
-A new event in honor of Bohag Bihu!
-Some Technical Issue Fixes


-Level 999

-Unlimited Money

-Unlimited Coins

-Unlimited Gems

-Unlimited Energy

-Enchantment Enable

-Enemy Not Move

-Always Hit

-No Blocks

-Dump Ai


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